TTT February 23, 2023

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1. Ticket Face - Gift Certificate Online Redemption Code

Often when a patron is present when purchasing a Gift Certificate, they like to walk away with a physical copy of their gift certificate information in hand that they can use for redemption online when they get home. Printed Gift Certificates on ticket stock can be an excellent method of supplying patrons with online redemption credentials when a gift certificate or pass is bought in person at the Box Office.

The Control Number and Online Redemption Code can be added to a Ticket Face as a Calculation in the Ticket Face Code Tab.

2. Scheduled Email Reminders for Cancelled or Postponed Performance

A preventive measure has been put in place for performances flagged as Postponed or Cancelled. This means when a performance sales status is changed to Postponed or Cancelled, Theatre Manager automatically sets the Performance Email Reminder from “Send Email Reminder” to “No Email Reminder” .

Before changing the performance sales status to Postponed or Cancelled

After changing the performance sales status to Postponed or Cancelled

3. Season Show Comparison

Are you curious about how a season of shows has been performing? Wondering which shows have the most tickets sold and what type of revenue has been generated? The Revenue/Attendance Counts – Quick Report is a powerful marketing tool to quickly compare sales and tickets sold for an entire season of shows plus it can include projected future sales totals.

The report provides an ideal summary to see how individual performances are doing as well as understand the overall performance of a season of shows. You’ll be able to easily determine which shows have higher attendance or more sales than others in just one quick glance. This invaluable data can help guide strategic decisions around marketing plans and programming lineups.