TTT - February 28, 2019



1. Quick Search Ordering

You can alter the behaviour of how Quick Find looks for data in the Employee Preferences Patron Tab. Options include:

  • the amount of data found,
  • the order in which the data is displayed,
  • and the tables in the database that are searched.


2. QR Code Printing

FGL based Microcom printers support QR codes in the ticket face. If you have one of these printers, you can:

Add a line to your ticket face:

and select the QR Code field:

3. Valid Play List

Each individual Pass/Gift Certificate can be limited to certain events on the Valid Play List. This feature allows you to:

  • have a Pass/Gift Certificate Type that is globally limited to certain events -and -
  • add further restrictions to each issued pass - which may be useful for scholarships or passes provided to actors or to fundraisers, without having to have different pass types for each fundraiser -or-
  • apply a restriction to any one pass, which the pass set up allows it to be used for anything