TTT February 6, 2020

1. Splitting a Patron from a Household

Have you ever had a need to split a patron from a household? Perhaps a younger patron has left the nest and is now part of their own household, or a patron was added to a household accidentally. Whatever the reason, the steps to do this are incredibly easy:

  1. Open the patron record for the patron you wish to split.
  2. Right-click on the patron’s name in the household members list.
  3. Check “Split patron into a new household”.
  4. Click the “Yes” button on the warning pop-up window.

Voilà! It’s done. The patron will be split from the household, and all of their historical data will remain with their record.


2. Printing a Seating Map using Context Menu on the Attendance Tab

You can print maps showing taken seats via a Context Menu on the Attendance Tab of the Plays (Event) Window.

On the attendance tab, select the performance that you want to print a map for. Highlight all the attendees and then right click to get your menu.

Select Print Map:


3. Context Help on Report Window

If you would like more information on a particular report you are looking to run, you can right click on a category or a report and this will directly link you to the correct page on

Once your report has printed, you can also click on the Help button on that window and that will also take you directly to the help page for that specific report.