TTT - February 7, 2019

1. Auto Renewal in the Season Package Detail Window

The Auto-Renewal process can be used to renew season subscriptions within a series en mass. The process creates an order, books the season subscription and authorizes the payment using the options you choose. You can also place the payments for the outstanding order on account.

Individual subscriptions can be marked as auto-renew in the patrons subscription detail window - auto renew tab


2. Coupon Code - Folder Option

A new feature has been added to allow for the addition of a folder option to coupon codes for classification purposes:

  • The coupon list window now supports search by folder, external name and notes -and-
  • shows the folder and notes field on the coupon list.


The Folder names can be edited and customized in the Code Data Tables.

3. New Features - Pass Redemption List Window

Some new features have been added to the Pass Redemption List Window to assist in understanding the total quantity redeemed for passes:

  • The quantity of tickets redeemed by the pass (at time of use) AND the current redeemed quantity of tickets is displayed. This lets you see at a glance if tickets have been returned for which the pass was redeemed and that can no longer be redeemed because the ticket was exchanged to something else.
  • You can now right click on a pass redemption and view the payment, the order or the patron who redeemed the pass.
  • Totals of selected lines (at the bottom of the window on the pass redemption) now show:
    • totals of used passes assigned to the payments.
    • total count of passes still assigned to the tickets in the same order as the payment.
    • a count of those payments where the passes used and tickets assigned to the pass number are different (usually caused by refunded tickets, cancelled payments, or multiple pass payments in the same order).