TTT January 16, 2020


1. Reports vs. Mail Lists - How They Complement Each Other

Mail Lists indicate WHO matches your criteria. Reports show WHAT data.

If you build a mail list for donors over $100 in aggregate, you see who they are. If you print a donation report, you can see WHAT donations make up the $100 aggregate.

In a few cases, you may need to build a mail list that you can use in a report. This is especially true if the people WHO you need to see on a report is a combination of diverse patron data, such as all donors over $200 that have never subscribed and are not volunteers:

image 1.html (17.5 KB)

After executing the mail list, the criteria for the report would include:

2. Theatre Manager on Catalina

We have had reports of windows moving unexpectedly when using the latest release of Mac OSX Catalina 10.15.2 or later. This issue has been corrected in the latest 64 bit installer that you can download from our website.

3. Calendar of Events - Daily View Report

The Calendar of Events - Daily View can be found as part of the calendar and facility management category.

You use the “Calendar of Events - Daily View” to display the traveling troupe/touring sales on a daily basis. Since this report also displays timing, accommodation and contact information, it may be useful for a tour manager or stage manager.