TTT - January 17, 2019



1. Column Selection

A lot of list data is provided by default, but sometimes you may just need a little bit more (or a little bit less). By hiding, showing and re-ordering columns, you can customize each window to your own preferences and needs. Each change will save under your employee record automatically, so you can customize windows to exactly match your workflow.

2. Web Listener Log

Web sales continue to be an important part of any venue’s business. Theatre Manager helps track everything that happens on your web sales with highly detailed logs. Reviewing this window can help you understand the ins and outs of your daily web sales traffic. It can also help you to track down errant web page template customizations, or to diagnose why emails might not be going out.

You can also find a customized log for each patron that visits your website, by looking at the logs tag, for some insight into the path the partron took through your website.

3. Tracking Success of an Email Mailout

Theatre Manager’s integrated correspondence system for printed letters and emails enables you to fully track how you communicate with your most important patrons. You can add letters to be printed later with the batch printing process, queue emails for sending at a later date, and track when emails have been opened by the patron.