TTT January 19, 2023

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1. Searching for Performance Email Reminders

Artsman is pleased to announce expanded search options in the Letter/Email Recipient List and the Managing Pending/Unsent Email Window. You can now easily search for unsent system emails by Event and Performance:

This should make finding bulk messages attached to events or performances, such as reminder emails and workflow notifications, simpler and easier to resend.

2. Randomize Mail List

The Theatre Manager Randomize feature assists with building secondary Mail Lists by randomly distributing a group of patrons from an existing mail list. This is ideal when creating a lottery for sales coupons, surveys, invitations to special events, or budget-conscious mailing to help pair down a large general list and more.

3. Zooming In and Out on List Windows

Theatre Manager has the ability to zoom in and out on any List Windows using keyboard shortcuts for both Mac (Command +/-) and Windows (Ctrl +/-) interfaces.

This feature can be used to help in your everyday workflow, whether it be to help you to see the text easier, or to be able to see more information on a list at any one time.

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