TTT January 20, 2022

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1. Include Artsman Support in Preparation for Onsale and Streaming

These days more organizations are relying on Live Streaming to connect with their audiences, both old and new. Artsman clients are even reporting ticket buyers from New Zealand, Scotland and Germany, just to name a few! Now that’s some impressive marketing outreach!

For organizations streaming from your ticketing site , Artsman is offering a new way to help prepare for your streaming performances. Simply email one week in advance, and by including Artsman Support in your planning two things will happen:

  • Your performance(s) will be added to the Artsman Operations Calendar, more on that in the help page linked above, and second,
  • If required, Tier 2 will review your Theatre Manager settings for optimum results.

For learning more about how to prepare for your next Live Streaming performance, or, if you’re expecting a large ‘on sale’ for a popular event just click on the links above.

2. Customer Experience - Buy Subscriptions Online

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that offering your wares online isn’t just an option, it’s almost a given. Theatre Manager has had the option of online subscription sales and renewals for almost 20 years. If your organization hasn’t considered it before, now might be the time! To learn more contact the Support Team anytime.

3. Work Smarter - Recent Patron List

Is your day full of interruptions? Ever forget the name of the patron you helped three phone calls ago ? We’ve all been there. The Recent Patron List is a great tool to save you both time and brainpower.

Simply go to Patron Sales -> Recent Patron List to see the last 20 patron records that you opened.