TTT January 26, 2023


1. New Feature - Undeposited Credit Cards Appear in Refunds With Alert

When attempting to refund a credit card payment that has not been deposited, Theatre Manager will now alert the box office with the following message:

Cannot Refund [card number] - Either VOID it Entirely on the payment list (and reauthorize for right amount), or deposit before refunding

Non-deposited card payments can only be VOIDED since the original transaction hasn’t been deposited and isn’t technically in the bank account yet. In effect, VOIDING the original card payment will cancel the original card payment.

2. Holding Seats for a Specific Patron

When selling tickets, there may be a scenario where the patron asks to ‘hold the tickets’ and they will call back later to complete the purchase. In these situations, use the Hold Seats for Patron feature.

This feature will place a customizable hold on the seats and assign them to the patron, instead of confirming the sale of those seats to the patron and creating an accounts receivable balance on the order. A specified release date and time can be set on the holds to automatically release the seats back to inventory, in case the patron doesn’t call back to complete the purchase.

This can be useful for cases where the patron is unsure about the number of tickets they want to purchase, if they want to tentatively add seats to an order, or if they are unsure if they can pay at the time of order.

3. Multi-Show Single Ticket Buyers Mail List

Here’s a great way to find single-ticket buyers who bought tickets to multiple shows within a season.

The key in answering the question of identifying multi-buyers is using the Having Feature. In our example, we’re asking the system to:

  1. Look at Order Dates after a certain date, the beginning of our season.
  2. Only look at promotions that are not Subscriptions
  3. Only look at orders over zero dollars

HAVING a count of unique events that is equal or greater than 2