TTT January 28, 2021

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1. Customizing Email Reminders by Event or Performance

Theatre Manager has the ability to send automatic Reminder Emails to patrons who purchase to a performance. A generic email template tmEvents/tmLiveEventReminderEmailDefault.html is used by default.

This template can be customized by:

  • EVENT - which will send the same custom email to all performance in the event, and
  • PERFORMANCE - which supports sending a custom email to a performance.

2. Birthday and Special Date Reminder List

Theatre Manager has a dedicated Patron Birthday, Anniversary, and Spouse Birthday fields to help keep track of when it’s time to celebrate. The Profile Tab of the Patron Record contains these data fields.

Keeping track of birthdays on each patron is useful because you can create Mail Lists and Calendar Filters to help your staff acknowledge a patron’s special day. Acknowledging a patron’s birthday can be a great way to show a donor or ticket buyer that they are special to your organization.

Mail List example:

Calendar Filter example:
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