TTT - January 31, 2019



1. Protecting Scanner Preferences Using Accessibility

If you need to control access to your ticket scanners and prevent unauthorized changes, Apple has a feature called ‘Guided Access’ that is explained in this help topic.

This tip was submitted to us by Jeff Needham at North Coast Repertory Theatre as a trick he found on iOS devices to let you decide how you want to manage any application on your scanners – he chose to do it for the TM SCAN application, but it could be used for anything.

2. Counting Tickets Printed on Printer

There are several ways to help you determine how many tickets have been printed over a specific time frame depending on your needs.

Since there are many types of tickets, we have several different reports or techniques available to help determine your totals.

3. Ticket Stock Alert

Theatre Manager can help you manage your inventory of blank ticket stock and alert you before you run out.

Open your Company Preferences and click on the Ticket Faces tab:


In the Ticket Stock Management section of the tab, enter the approximate number of tickets left. In the Reorder Qty. box, enter the number of tickets at which you want to be reminded to order more ticket stock. The reorder level should be sufficient for at least 4 weeks of tickets.