TTT January 7, 2021

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1. Announcing Merchandise, Resources and Inventory

Artsman developers have been hard at work on a new feature that brings merchandise and other retail options into Theatre Manager. With today’s challenging economy, opening up a new revenue opportunity for clients was a top priority for Artsman.

Resources in Theatre Manager can be setup to sell and track inventory for items like Merchandise, Resources and Concessions.

With a small addition to your ticketing site navigation bar, your organization can begin selling merchandise online today. So far we’ve seen a few early adopter clients have success with branded mugs, clothing, DVD’s, and… dare we say, masks?!

2. Sales Rule Usage, See Tickets and Patrons

A Sales Rule can contain multiple price code and promotion mappings. You can view the number of patrons who attempted to use a Sales Rule - Promotion Mapping in the Tickets tab. The Tickets tab provides a full list of tickets where the Sales Rule conversion was been applied. You can view patrons, orders and print a list or export for each mapping within the Sales Rule. Refunded tickets do not appear in this list.

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3. Text Wrapped Images in Form Letters

Formatting images and text in your emails or letters can elevate the content, making it more enticing to the reader. This is great for marketing, newsletters, gift certificates, invitations, thank you’s, and more. Theatre Manager makes this process easy!

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