TTT July 25, 2019

1. Patron Special Needs Field

The Patron Special Needs Field is a great way to highlight a patron’s specific requirements during a sale. Examples could be: aisle seat with swing arm, book hearing assist device, etc.

2. New Employees - Copying Access from One Employee to Another

There is a time saving technique to give two employees the same access by copying access from another employee (or a template employee).

  1. Open the Employee List Window.
  2. Select the Employee to copy the access to.
  3. Click the Open Button.
  4. Click the Copy Access Button.
  5. Click the Search Button and select the Employee or template to copy the access from.
  6. Click the Select Button and this will complete the process.

3. Customizing Column Preferences

Theatre Manager displays the columns you want in the order you want on any list in any window.

To show or hide columns:

  • right click on any column header and pick the columns you want to hide or show.

To move columns:

  • just drag them to the left or right.

These setting will be saved in your own employee record and will not affect any other employee’s display choices.

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