TTT July 7, 2022

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1. Factors That Prevent Tickets From Being Emailed

If you encounter an issue emailing tickets to a patron from the box office, a pop-up alert will appear with suggested possible reasons why the e-tickets cannot be sent:

  • Tickets are for a Performance in the past
  • A live Event that can no longer be viewed, sold or attended
  • Order with an owing balance
  • A subscription control house
  • An Event that is archived
  • An Event that is postponed or not on sale
  • Issues with the Event setup

A full description and troubleshooting steps for each one of these reasons can be found by clicking the Explain button on the alert to help you determine the cause and solution.

2. Using Cash Only Patron Flag

If you have a history of payment issues with certain patrons, such as chargebacks, NSF checks, non-payment, or ticket scalping; you can address that by setting the Cash Only checkbox on their patron record.

If the patron attempts to buy online, they will be instructed to contact the box office during check out. This effectively requires that the patron have a personal interaction with the box office who can then assess the risk of future issues and/or have the patron make good on prior debts, and/or check the cart out for the patron.

Adding a Task to the patron’s account about what occurred keeps the entire staff informed.

3. Transfer Payment Feature

If you ever applied a payment to the wrong order for a patron, it can be corrected by transferring the payment directly from the Payment Tab of the patron record. It’s as simple as:

  1. Selecting the Payment
  2. Clicking Transfer
  3. Selecting the Receiving Order

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