TTT June 16, 2022

top imahe

1. Search Filter Added to Event Attendance Tab

The event Attendance Tab now has a filter to easily search for attendees by:

  • Name / Company combinations
  • Date ranges for when the ticket was purchased
  • Date ranges for when the ticket was Scanned/Marked Attended
  • Keywords within Ticket Comments
  • Specific Sales Promotions & more!

2. Subscriptions - Verify Subscription Holds

Recent enhancements to our subscription Verify Holds process have been made for improved season package revenue allocation. If multiple season packages have been booked within a single order, the verify holds process will confirm the subscription tickets are assigned to the respective season package they belong to. This makes the Subscription Renewal Progress Statistics Reports more accurate in allocating tickets and revenue for each season package.

3. Filter for Employee Permissions

A filter has been added to the Data and Functions Tabs of the employee record. This makes it easy to search the list of employee permissions using keywords. The results are highlighted in red within the Window and the Description of Access Level columns.

Have a question about a specific access item? Email support and we will be happy to direct you.