TTT - June 4, 2020

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1. Search Using a Wildcard

Theatre Manager allows the use of the ‘%’ wildcard when searching. The % wildcard substitutes for normal characters in a search string. For example, to search for people that sound like ‘Smith’, you could use ‘Sm%th’. That would find names like Smith, Smyth, Smart Toothbrush Company, where there are any number of letters between the SM and TM in the name.

This wildcard feature applies to searching of any alphabetic data, such as notes, addresses, titles, etc.

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2. Gift Certificates Redeemable by Any Household Member

If “Any Household Member” is checked in the Redeemable By section of the Redemption Rules tab, then any member of the same household can redeem the pass. This is good for a flex pass where you may want it to be redeemable by the patron, their spouse or any other members of the household.

Online Redemption Rules:

  • The patron who owns the pass can see and redeem it without a password because it is assigned specifically to them.
  • Other household members can see the pass and use it as well.
  • Patrons outside the household will be unable to use the pass

3. New Icon for Automatic Social Distance Mapping

We have added a second (different) icon for automatic social distance seating to indicate which social distance seats are held back from sale. The icons are:

  • sold seats (or manual holds by box office) - the person icon
  • social distance hold seats - a ‘do not use’ icon representing the socially held seats which will be shown as a ‘q’ in the box office.

Both of these icons can be changed from the default by editing a web page.