TTT - June 8 2017


  1. Reveal

Reveal is a Theatre Manager web application that provides insights into your sales data and operations using graphical dashboard widgets. The graphs in the Reveal dashboards are LIVE. As you sell tickets, refund tickets, or take donations, the appropriate graphs will change in real time. Here is an example:


Please check out our help pages related to Reveal. Please note: this is a technology preview release - you can use the technology to become familiar with it. Currently there are only representative charts. If there is something you would like to see or if you encounter some issues, please let us know via support.

  1. Gifting Tickets

Tickets can be transferred or “gifted” among patrons in a household or between patrons in the database. The main difference between transferring an order and gifting tickets is - in an order transfer, all of the financial data gets transferred. When gifting tickets, the financial data remains in the purchaser’s account, while the tickets become tied to the receiver’s account and that patron is listed as the attendee of the event. This is particularly helpful for the Courses module where parents in a household will frequently purchase courses for their child, but the child is actually the attendee. The gifting can happen either as a step in the initial sales process, or afterwards from the purchaser’s patron window.

  1. Remove Unsubscribed/Bounced Patrons from Mail List

Did you know that if you use an external mailing tool like MailChimp or Bronto, it is possible to remove patrons from a Theatre Manager mail list using an external file containing unsubscribes and/or bounces? This feature has two functions:

  • Remove people from a mail list based on patron number -and/or-
  • Remove email addresses completely from the database

Please check out our help pages to see more information about this topic.