TTT June 8, 2023

1. Guest Speaker Highlights - David McKeone

David is the lead developer for Theatre Manager, a member of the management team, and the owner of Arts Management Systems Ltd., following Doug Easterbrook’s retirement in 2017. He has been a part of the Artsman team since 2003 and has a deep knowledge of the intricate workings of Theatre Manager. David delivered the opening Keynote for the conference in addition to leading breakout sessions on Patron and Order Management, Web Page Editing and Reveal.

David’s TM4 Topics

2. Guest Speaker Highlights - Bonnie Hamilton

Bonnie joined Artsman in 2006 and is proud to lead the CRM Team, in addition to helping shape the future of the company as part of the Heads Management Team. If it can be done in Theatre Manager, chances are Bonnie knows how to do it. During the conference, she led sessions on donation management, advanced payment management options and the Facility Management module.

Bonnie’s TM4 Topics

3. Guest Speaker Highlights - Darwin Shaw

Darwin holds the prestigious title of Data Archeologist, is one of the Heads Management Team, and has worked with Arts Management Systems for over 25 years. He writes/manages plugins, is one of Artsman’s senior developers, and assists the CRM Team with second-level support. Darwin’s extensive knowledge enables him to assist in all areas of the software while his attention to detail ensures accuracy when cleaning up and importing data in Theatre Manager. Darwin’s first session was on Reports & Criteria and his second session was on how sales promotions play the key focal point in pricing, revenue allocation, coupons, and plugins.

Darwin’s TM4 Topics