TTT June 9, 2022

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1. New - Shipping Manifest Report for Resources

Have you sold some merchandise and need to know where to mail it? A new series of Resource Reports have been added to answer that exact question. Introducing the Resource Sales Shipping Manifest report. Here you’ll find the patron’s address and contact information, a detailed description of the resource, and the purchased quantity.

Explore the new report category for the full list!

2. Edit Membership Setting From Patron Record

There is a new feature in Theatre Manager that allows you to access and open a Membership/Pass setup directly from the Membership Tab on a Patrons Record. Simply right click on the Pass you wish to update.

This allows for easy access to adjust the Membership/Pass setup, and make sure that the settings are just the way you need them.

3. Workflow Notification Tracking

Workflow Notifications now display tracking so you can see the status of emails right inside the Notification record.

The new Notification Sent tab lists everything from when it was sent, to who requested it. It even lets you know if the email has been opened by the recipient.