TTT March 26, 2020


1. Refunding to a Gift Certificate/Pass

Ticket policies often state “no refunds or exchanges”. You may decide in special circumstances that you want to “refund” the tickets in the form of a Gift Certificate. This will also allow for tracking of refunds for insurance purposes and/or allows people to rebook online once they feel better or safer to go to the theatre or another event in the future.

If you want to refund tickets to a pass,


2. Refunding to a Donation

You may want to consider asking your patrons to turn their refunded tickets into donations to help meet the challenges your venue may face in the coming months. Refunding to a donation is an easy process and very similar to refunding to a Gift Certificate/Pass.

If you want to refund tickets to a donation,


3. Refunding Part of Fee to a Workshop

Sometimes you may need to refund part of the course tuition after it has been sold to a patron. The reasons could vary, such as:

  • The patron could drop out and want a refund
  • You could cancel it mid-session because the instructor needed an extended leave

The short explanation on what is involved is as follows:

  • Do a one time setup of a negative order fee and associated employee permissions if the tuition refund is variable.
  • Add a negative fee in the amount you want to refund to the order.
  • Give the patron their partial refund by adding a payment to the order that refunds the amount of the tuition rebate.

For a longer, more detailed explanation on how to refund a partial fee, please check out the appropriate help page.