TTT March 3, 2022

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1. Batch Functions - Patron Balances

The Batch Function Patron Balances is a great box office management tool to verify the totals of all orders for a specified patron to ensure their orders are in balance. This tool is useful when working through a patron’s account that has a credit or owing balance when they shouldn’t or imbalances found at End of Day.

Criteria for verifying patron balances can be by specific patron number or order date range:

2. New Field to Track Abandoned Web Cart Revenue

Ever wonder how many online shopping carts were abandoned during a specific time period? And how much lost revenue those abandoned carts theoretically represented? Theatre Manager has a new method for analyzing both of those key metrics.

The new column is called Abandoned Date. Simply open up the Web Sales Shopping Carts and input a date search criteria. Then look for the Abandoned Dat column. In this example, we’ve reordered the Cart Value column to be beside the Abandoned Date column in order to see how much revenue the cart had before it was abandoned.

And remember, you can always select all and then right-click to export to any spreadsheet application. In this example, we’re exporting to Excel.

3. Context Menu Opens a Specific Donation Campaign Window

We’ve added more to our context menu options. A new addition can be found on the patron’s window’s Donation Tab. It’s now easy to quickly review or edit a Donation Campaign directly from the donation record.