TTT March 31, 2022

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1. Add Salutations to the Code Table for Non-Binary People

Patron Salutations can be added or edited in your database via the Code Tables to ensure your patron’s choice is represented. A Non-Binary Salutation such as Mx. can be added, as well as any others you wish to include.

2. New Feature - Exporting GL to iCity Import Format

We have just introduced an End-of-Day GL Export from Theatre Manager for the iCity Accounting Software format. You can export the GL detail data to eliminate transcription problems to your accounting program. Note, you will need to edit Theatre Manager’s external GL account descriptions to include iCity’s unique funds, classes, departments, and object codes before starting.

The accounting system export formats supported are listed below and are set up in the Accounting Tab:

3. Locating Patrons With Prospect or Soft Pledge Donations

We are often asked to find patrons in the database who have a prospect, soft pledge or other donation classification. Using the data field Donation Source as criteria in a Mail List or Donation Reports can assist in this search and help pinpoint specific donation types.