TTT March 4, 2021

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1. Offer Fundraiser Tickets Online that Include a Donation

Theatre Manager can help with your next Gala fundraiser! Gala tickets are usually one part donation and one part event revenue, so they’re sold a little bit differently depending on whether they’re sold in the box office or online.

It’s easy for box office staff to book a ticket and enter a donation in one order. Add the ticket part ($50) to the order. Add the donation part ($100) to the order. Done.

Online, the fundraising ticket price is the price of the event ($50) and the donation ($100), combined ($150).

After the sale is completed the box office can simply exchange the higher value online ticket ($150) into a lower value ticket ($50), plus a donation ($100), for a combined order total that matches ($150). For more information, check out out how to setup gala ticket.

Now it’s easy for your patrons to purchase tickets for your gala online!

2. Reveal Dashboard - Daily Sales in Real-time

Reveal is the Theatre Manager web application that provides insight into your sales data in real-time! Widgets display selected live data from your database in the form of graphs and charts in a dashboard that you can create and customize. This means that when you are watching a dashboard as a ticket or a donation is taken, it will change the appropriate graph in real-time.

There are many options for widgets that a user can choose from when creating a dashboard. Monitoring daily sales using widgets like Daily Sales, Monthly Sales, and Top Donation Campaigns This Week are just a few samples of what is possible.

3. Offering Season Subscriptions for the First Time

We are often asked, ‘if we have never used the Theatre Manager subscription module, to sell our season subscription, can we start?’ The answer is a resounding yes!

Getting started can be done in one of two methods:

  • Create a new season package. This method is a manual process, setting up favorite seats and booking the patron’s subscription tickets.
  • Create a new season using an existing event as the basis for the patron’s favorite seats. This method provides more automation.

The following year, both these season packages are eligible to be rolled over, making the setup for your next season easy and streamlined.

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