TTT - March 7, 2019

1. Synchronizing Theatre Manager Calendars to Your Own Device

Theatre Manager allows you to sync your calendar in Theatre Manager to one or more of your own private devices (like a phone, tablet or computer). For example:

  • I can be assigned to usher, work backstage, attend various rehearsals, or be part of a committee. Activities assigned to me can appear on my iPhone.
  • Tickets that I purchase can appear with the performance dates and times on my computer calendar and my tablet.


2. Patron Did Not Receive Password Reset Email

If a patron contacts you advising you that they did not receive a password reset email -and- you can see it in the patron record or web listener log as complete, the possible reasons are generally:

  • it is in their spam folder
  • their email exists under more than one patron
  • their email doesn’t exist in Theatre Manager
  • they have another device that auto opens email and downloads it.

To help you investigate why a password reset email hasn’t been received, we have set up a help page with information to help you assist your patron.

3. E-Ticket Delivery Options

In Theatre Manager, it is possible to set the e-ticket delivery options for the overall Event, as well as per Performance.

To set the e-ticket delivery options for an event, open the event and click on the Play Tab:


If you want to specify the e-ticket options for a specific performance, open the correct performance in the Performances tab of the Event Window and select the Ticket Printing tab: