TTT March 9, 2023

1. Why Email Address is Not Confirmed to Patron Online

A patron’s email address is the primary secure identifier that enables them access to their account online. With that in mind, PCI compliance regulations and privacy laws require a system to not divulge any identifying information like names, addresses, or validity of email addresses to anybody who might be trying to determine who or what is in a database. This means Theatre Manager is unable to share or tell an online patron if they can or can not use a particular email address. This helps to prevent fraudulent phishing activities.

In the example below, the patron is unable to use the email address to create a new patron profile because this email address already exists in the database.

2. Forgot Password Online

We’ve noticed a trend where patrons are claiming to not be receiving emails for Forgot My Password. We’ve traced the web access logs and determined the patron wasn’t clicking the Reset PW and Email Instruction button.

After clicking the first button Forgot My Password , patrons are required to enter a valid email address which exists in the database and then click the Reset PW and Email Instruction button in order to receive an email with the link and instructions to reset their password.

3. Checking Payment Status Before Processing Recurring Donations

A number of icons have been added to the recurring donation template window. These icons reflect the current status of the PAYMENTS of a recurring donation.

Using Aaron Bailey as an example in the image below, the icon next to the name indicates that there is no payment associated with the recurring donation.