TTT - May 17 2018




1. TM3 User Conference Wrap Up

Another successful Theatre Manager Users Conference drew to a close the first week of May. Clients from over 26 venues across North America participated in this year’s event.

There was a strong focus on Data this year and how best to leverage data through Theatre Manager. Attendees walked away with a deeper understanding of Reports, Mail Lists, Accounting, Development, Ticket Faces, Facility Management, Reveal and more.

It was a cohesive and well run conference, thanks to our hosts at Proctors. We look forward to seeing YOU at TM4!

2. Correcting an Imbalance in the End of Day

It happens. You’ve run your End of Day and there is an imbalance.

We have an easy to follow process set up for you to help determine what caused the imbalance.

3. Abbreviation Feature

Did you know that in Theatre Manager, you can create shortcuts to replace common text ANYWHERE in Theatre Manager? This feature is located in the Spell Check tab of the Employee Preferences.

In the “Dictionaries & Glossary” section, put in your abbreviation(s) and then the text you want to replace it with:

When you type the abbreviation in any text field or form letter followed by a space, TM will replace your abbreviation with the appropriate text: