TTT - May 7, 2020

1. Background Reporting Queue

Background reporting is a time saving feature of Theatre Manager. Instead of running the report on your workstation, you can send it to the queue and a web server runs it for you. This provides you with two options to run reports:

The example below shows a number of reports in the queue:

Full instructions on setting up background reporting is available on our help pages.

2. Building a Mail List Using Relationships

You can easily perform a search for a list of Patrons with a specific Relationship Type. This can be done by creating a mail list and doing a Search by Relationship Type via the data file Patron Relationships with Another Patron:

Once you get to the report parameters screen, select what relationship type you wish to search by:

3. Donor Detail - Donor & Pledge Report

The Donor Detail - Donor & Pledge Report provides a list of donors for a specific period of time containing both donation amounts, receipted totals and address information.

Use criteria like

  • [Donation Date] is between (Date 1) and (Date 2)
  • [Campaign is one of] (optional)