TTT November 14, 2019


1. Accessing a Contact Card Through a Mail List

Theatre Manager is all about providing you with many ways of being able to access information. A quick way to access a patron’s contact card is through the Mail List Whos In Tab.

When you are in a Mail List, click on the Whos In Tab and right click on any list member to get a context menu. From this context menu, you can access the patron’s contact card to view information about the patron or make any necessary changes.

2. How to Correct a Credit Imbalance With Another Payment Method

You may come across an instance where you need to correct a credit balance on an order when the patron is NOT actually owed money back.

The simple way to do this is to use another payment form to refund the credit balance to. Perhaps there is an inactive Payment Method that can be activated called ‘write off.’

Check the Code Tables for Payment Method. Search for Inactive.

If there IS a ‘write off’ Payment Method, make it active. Use it to refund the credit balance for this patron. Then make inactive again.

If there is NOT a ‘write off’ Payment Method, you can create one then use it to refund the credit balance for this patron. Once complete, make it inactive again.

3. Adding Patrons to Mail Lists

Mail Lists contain patrons who meet certain criteria. Sometimes it may be necessary to add patrons to a mail list manually. Here are two quick ways to do this:

From a Patron’s Account:

  • go to the Mail List Tab
  • click “New”
  • search by list name or number
  • click “Select”

From Another Mail List:

  • go to the Who’s in Tab
  • highlight your selection
  • drag and drop

You can also drag and drop a patron or group of patrons from any other list that contains their name in it.