TTT - November 15, 2018



1. Thumbnails in Reports (64 Bit Only)*

We have added a feature to 64 bit version that shows thumbnails of report pages in the report. In addition:

  • You can use the thumbnails to scroll to any page you want.
  • The thumbnails can be hidden or shown in the context menu.
  • You can zoom in or out on the preview.

2. Post Dated Payment List (both 32 and 64 Bit)

You can now access a list of post dated payments directly from the Receivables menu .

This will show you a list of all post dated payments, including those for future dates. Any current or past due post dated payments will show up in the end-of-day deposit window to allow them to be deposited.

From this list, you can:

3. Quickly Align Pick-Your-Seat Maps for 64 BIt Theatre Manager
We’ve built a quick way to:

  • adjust any graphic map that you’ve been using a long time where seats and background are not aligned and
  • which you’ve previously been using for pick your own seats.

This should make it quick to align the seats and the background as you convert to 64 bit Theatre Manager. Once you’ve done the map on one computer, it is good for all machines.