TTT - November 16 2017


  1. Black Friday Gift Certificates

Are you considering offering your patrons a Black Friday or Boxing Day promotion? You can create a Pass in Theatre Manager that patrons can purchase at a discounted amount, but will have a full value redemption.

You can also set up a Coupon Code that can be used on Black Friday. The Coupon Code would discount tickets for a certain group of people, perhaps a VIP mail list, or everyone that receives the code. It can also be set up for pre-access sales for a certain Event. Here is more information from our website, in addition you can follow the links as a step by step guide on how to create the Coupon Code you wish.

  1. Scholarships for Courses/Classes

Did you know that you can set up scholarships to be offered to students participating in your classes or courses by using a Pass? This is part of the Membership section of Theatre Manager and is a pass that can be given to the student to help pay for a portion (or all) of their class.

  1. Mozilla Releases Firefox 57.0

There are a number of products that are complimentary to Theatre Manager and every once in a while, something good comes along. For those of you who use Firefox as your preferred browser, they have released a new, incredibly fast version. We have used it during the testing of web pages and with Reveal and we are impressed - impressed enough that we wanted to share it with you.