TTT November 2, 2023

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1. Are Promoters Viewing Revenue Online?

Curious to know which promoters are using the access you have set up for them to view their performance revenue online? These details are found in the Web Listener Log detail. Use Name/Company and Date Range filters as criteria to review online activity.

2. Donor Summaries

We’ve made an update to better represent the nature of the data generated when you run the program listing report. “Donor Summaries” is now the term replacing “Giving History” in various locations, including the patron window. This change aims to provide a more accurate description of the information produced during the report generation process.

3. Sending a Cover Letter Alongside PDF Tickets or Invoices

You can include a cover letter for certain kinds of PDFs. A cover letter is essentially a standardized Form Letter, generated based on Patron Data, that can be sent alongside PDF tickets or invoices. Mark the Form Letter as a Cover Letter. Then select it from a drop-down list when emailing PDFs to patrons.