TTT - November 23 2017


  1. Manual Check Out of a Cart

Did you know that you can manually check out a patron’s cart if the payment has already been made, but has an incomplete ticket in it? Please check out our release notes for November 9th for more information.

  1. Ticket Holds

We did this topic in an earlier Three Thought Thursday back in May, but we thought it would be a good one to do a repeat visit on. You can see tickets held specifically for a patron in the patron’s ticket list window. You can then select manually held tickets and buy them or quickly release them. To release or purchase tickets in an active cart that have been put on hold by web sales, you will need to go through the cart window and take over the entire cart. If the cart is not active, you will need to wait until the tickets are released.

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - Issues Accessing Web Pages

If you or some of your patrons are unable to connect to a web site supporting the latest security with IE 11 on Windows 7 or later, there is an easy fix as documented in the Microsoft Technote 2851628.