TTT November 23, 2023

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1. Automatic Black Friday - Cyber Monday Flash Sale

Flash sales are popular for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Unlike standard discount offers, flash sales ticket discounts are for a specific timeframe. Sales promotions offer limited-time access and are easily reportable to review sale returns. To determine when a promotion is available, Theatre Manager compares the current date to each promotion’s valid start and end dates:

In the example below, all tickets sold before Black Friday and after Cyber Monday will be full-price while sales over the long weekend will be $25. When staff come back to work after the holiday, they can swap the enabled status of the Regular - Post Cyber Monday and Regular promotions to return the event to a standard setup. This concept can be used for any onsale throughout the year. Start building your promotions for the holiday today!

2. Purchase & Redeem Gift Certificates and Passes Online

While this is a great time of year for selling Gift Certificates, did you know your patrons can redeem them online too?

There’s two basic scenarios when it comes to redeeming a Gift Certificate:

  1. Bought by me , used by me : in this scenario, patrons simply need to log into their web sales portal to apply their Gift Certificate against any purchase.
  2. Bought by me , used by you : in this scenario, patrons will need the Membership code and password. This “transfers” a membership from you , to them .

To learn more about redemption features and how your patrons can benefit from it, contact the Support Team today.

3. Direct Link to a Gift Certificate with Pre-Filled Amount

It’s holiday gift certificate sales time! As you update your gift certificate web pages, prepare social media posts, and draft promotional emails, consider using Theatre Manager’s direct web links for passes/memberships. With direct links that specify the gift certificate/pass/membership type and amount, you can make buying gift certificates online very fast and easy for patrons.

A direct link automatically opens a new gift certificate entry form for the pre-defined type and pre-completes the amount. From this window, patrons can simply click Add to Shopping Cart and immediately proceed to online login and payment steps.