TTT November 24, 2022

1. PCI Inactive Time Out

Following Theatre Manager’s latest Payment Card Industry (PCI) audit, we are required to implement a password request following 15 minutes of inactivity. After 15 minutes of inactivity, users will be presented with a re-authentication pop-up window that looks like this:

The re-authentication window will remain open until a correct password is entered for the current employee logged in or the Inactivity Timeout in Company Preferences is reached. After the password is entered, you’ll regain access at exactly the same location where you were in Theatre Manager. It’s a simple unlock of the application.

Inactivity consists of no activity what-so-ever in Theatre Manager. Basically, the session has been left idle. Users can open a window, close a window, tab out of a field, or complete regular activities within Theatre Manager to keep restarting the inactivity counter back to 0. The re-authentication window will only appear after 15 minutes of doing no activity in Theatre Manager.

We understand this is a change from the previous end-user experience. However, it is a PCI requirement for providing the necessary security and protection of your data stored within Theatre Manager.

2. New Icon on Main Toolbar Displays Recent Patron List

We have elevated the Recent Patron List to the main toolbar with its own icon! This is a great tool to save you both time and brainpower.

The Recent button displays the last 20 patrons a user has accessed and quickly opens their patron’s record. This is the same list of patrons that can be retrieved under Patron Sales.

3. Direct Link to a Gift Certificate with Pre-Filled Amount

It’s holiday gift certificate sales time! As you update your gift certificate web pages, prepare social media posts, and draft promotional emails, consider using Theatre Manager’s direct web links for passes/memberships. With direct links that specify the pass/membership type and amount, you can make buying gift certificates online very fast and easy for patrons. Clicking a link like this:

automatically opens a new pass entry form for the pre-defined pass type and pre-completes the amount: