TTT November 25, 2021

1. New Legend on Event Map Tab Displaying Holds

A legend has been added to the bottom of the Maps Tab for reserved seating performances. The legend displays the physical capacity, reporting capacity, sold quantity, remaining available quantity, held counts, social distance held counts, and venue seating capacities. This information is helpful to manage online sales based on reporting capacity.

2. View Online Button Via Events

When you create or make edits to an Event in Theatre Manager, you can use the View Online button to view your changes in real-time. The button will take you directly to the ticketing website for this specific event. This is a convenient way to view recent edits to the Event Notes, Performance Notes, or changing your Event Icon.

3. Limited Profile Patron Changing Name to Guest Checkout

In the late 2000’s we launched the option of Limited Profile Patrons for online sales and donation completions. This meant that there were minimum requirements set of the patron’s name and email address to make check out relatively fast. Over the next few months, we’ll be changing the name to Guest Checkout to keep in line with industry standards. It still remains the same option within the Mandatory Data tab of System Preferences.