TTT- November 29, 2018

1. Turning a Refunded Ticket Into a Pass

Ticket policies often state no refunds or exchanges. However, should the customer service problem mean that a partial refund will solve the situation, you may want to refund the tickets as a gift certificate.

It is easy, and then the patron can use them online, f they wish and you permit it.

If you want more information on turning a refunded ticket into a pass, then please check out our help page on this topic.

2. Post Dated Payments for Donations

You can set your Donation Campaigns to have the ability to post dated payments, either at the box office or online. You can set a final payment date in the Sales tab of the Donation itself:

Please note: while not currently available on AMS cloud, a feature is coming very soon that adds support for credit card profiles at the merchant provider. This will enable post dated payments by only needing the credit card for the first transaction.

You can find more information about post dated payments for donations on our help pages.

3. Postal Code Count for Mail Lists

If you ever want to take a look and see where your demographic is located so that you can target your marketing more specifically, check out the Postal Code Count report for Mail Lists.

This report can be found on the Mail List Window in Theatre Manager: