TTT November 30, 2023

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1. Adding Donation Quick Add Buttons to an Eblast

For many clients, the end of the calendar year means a final campaign push to renew lapsed donors/members. Did you know that you can send an eblast with clickable buttons to automatically add donations to webcarts? Quick add direct donation links let you specify the campaign and amount to add to a patron’s cart. Combined with the ability to attach a link to an image in a form letter, this feature makes renewing a membership fast and easy:

In this example, the email provides four pre-defined annual campaign renewal amounts and one option that brings patrons to a new annual membership entry form where they can specify an amount. From this email, patrons can click the appropriate button and immediately proceed to the online login and payment steps.

2. Managing Next Contact Date for Donation Renewal

The donation Next Contact Date field is a great method for tracking and managing the renewal of donors’ gifts. Next Contact Date auto-populates each time a donation is entered for a patron. Using this field as criteria to build Mail Lists or run donation reports will help your development team stay current on donation renewals.

A default timeframe of 11 months from the date of a donation is set in Company Preferences for the Next Contact Date field. Your organization can adjust the timeframe to fit your needs.

3. Donor Portfolio Using the Default Solicitor

The Donor tab in the patron record includes various methods for assigning patron-specific attributes. Amongst them is the ability to assign a Default Solicitor, IE: an employee primarily responsible for the relationship and cultivation of gifts with this patron.

Once an employee is assigned, users can leverage that assignment in both the Mail List and Reporting modules using the Marketing Donor Default Solicitor criteria, found under the Patron Data data file. For example, organizations may find it helpful to assign a default solicitor to their top 25 donors as a way of managing donor engagement, or, as a way of creating a “Donor Portfolio” for each employee.