TTT November 4, 2021

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1. Creating a Pass/Certificate (with a bonus)

You can create gift certificates that offer a patron a bonus redemption amount on top of the sale value. This is ideal for some marketing situations like 10% bonus Holiday sales, or perks for members or VIP’s.

Simply set the suggested purchase price different than the redeemable amount. If the patron enters a different purchase amount, the redeemable amount adjusts automatically.

2. Return to Full Capacity - Removing Social Distance Seating Holds

Returning to sell tickets at full seating capacity again? This will require releasing the social distance holds that are visible on existing price maps for events that are currently onsale. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. Change the existing price map to a price map that doesn’t have ‘q’ holds (social distance seats).
  2. Select each performance’s visible ‘q’ holds from the Event’s Maps Tab and use the Release Seats option to remove social distance bubbles created by sold seats.

It is recommended to disable sales from the Box Office and Internet before changing the price map. This avoids new sales from occurring during the changeover which may affect which seats are presented to the patron for purchase.

3. Resubscribe Patron to Mail List

The ‘ADD’ Button in the Who’s In tab of a Mail List has been enhanced. This button now includes the choice to Resubscribe an existing patron if they are currently marked unsubscribed, or add a new patron to the Mail List.

This allows for full control over the Subscribe/Unsubscribe process, right in the Mail List itself.