TTT November 5, 2020

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1. Creating a Pass/Certificate (with a bonus)

You can create gift certificates that offer a patron a bonus redemption amount on top of the sale value. It is ideal for some marketing situations like 10% bonus Holiday sales, or perks for members or VIP’s.

Simply set the suggested purchase price different than the redeemable amount. If the patron enters a different purchase amount, the redeemable amount adjusts automatically.

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2. Exporting Data From Theatre Manager

Theatre Manager has about 300 pre-built reports. Also, most windows contain lists where you can customize the column order and data you want to see. You can print the list just as you see it on the screen.

If you want to export that data from Theatre Manager and manipulate it in another program like Excel, here are some of the ways you can do it:

Data on Screen:

Simply select the lines you want and right-click to export the data.

Reports have 3 options:

  1. For a number of reports, you can select the data you want on the report, copy it, and paste it into Excel. This is best for small bits of data and not intended for copying an entire report.

  1. Some reports have an export button at the top of the screen. Theatre Manager does its best attempt to export the data in columnar format from the report.

  2. The ‘Export Data’ Report is the best way to export a customized list of data from a variety of columns and tables in the database in Excel format.

Some reports do not export conveniently to Excel in options 1 & 2. If one is particularly important, let us know which one and we’ll add it to our enhancement list.

3. When Should Patron Notes Be Put Into Tasks Instead?

Notes fields exist throughout Theatre Manager which are useful to handle patron preferences, likes or dislikes and aid staff to better serve a patron. The patron notes field also includes a VIP flag which, if enabled, shows a reminder each time the patron is viewed.

Tasks are a better solution to track patron interactions. Some examples: a patron phones with a complaint or compliment; requires action like changing subscription seats; or if you need to track a conversation with the patron when permission was given to convert a ticket into a donation.

Tasks usually have a data and/or time element that requires some future action such as ‘Upgrade the Subscription next Tuesday’ or ‘Returned seats for a donation today’.

When asks are used to track actions, there are additional benefits like:

  • tasks can have reminders and alarms
  • tasks will show up on the calendar
  • incomplete tasks appear when you log into Theare Manager
  • tasks can be linked to multiple employees and assigned as responsibility for completion.

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