TTT October 14, 2021

1. Restricted Bank Account for Donation Campaign

If your organization receives grants, major gifts, or endowments these often come with certain restrictions. In some cases, these restrictions are time-based with the funds held for months or years before they can be used, must be used before a certain date, or directed for a particular purpose.

Theatre Manager’s Donation Campaign can help manage these restricted funds by assigning a separate bank account for the money collected. This will cause Theatre Manager to create a general ledger clearing entry for your finance department indicating the requirement to move funds via their bank interface.

2. Order Currently Being Sold

Theatre Manager keeps track of employees that are currently in the process of editing an order so that it can prevent the confusing situation where multiple people could edit an order at the same time. Unfortunately, if a workstation also crashes while editing an order, Theatre Manager’s order lock can get stuck. If you find yourself in a situation where an order can’t be edited because a workstation has recently locked up then the Orders Currently Being Sold window is the resolution! Simply select the locked order, click “Clear Order In Use Flag”, and resume editing the order as normal.

Using the Clear Order In Use Flag button after checking with the employee assigned to the order will release the order and allow access to it again.

3. New Feature - Set Donation Name on Multiple Donations

Updating the donor’s Program Listing Name across multiple donations can be accomplished very easily from the Donation Campaign detail window’s Donation Tab or from the Donation Tab on a Patron Record.

  1. Search for the donor by their Program Listing Name or Patron Name
  2. Select the donation(s) to change
  3. Right-click and choose Program Name

Using the Donation Name Wizard choose from the list of available program names or create a custom name. Then decide if the sort name should also be updated.