TTT October 17, 2019


1. Catalina Version of TM is Available

For those who have updated to Catalina, you will need a version of Theatre Manager specific to Catalina which fixes an excel and file export issue. The installer can be downloaded from:

This version will also work on Mojave.

2. Giving Level Matrix

The Giving Level Matrix report has a couple of useful features. It is a great way to check that the giving level ranges have no missing cents within a range. It also highlights the main ranges at which people are giving and that can be used in a campaign to help people move up to a different range.


3. Selling Tickets by Lottery

Three Thought Thursday has mentioned Randomizing Mail Lists in past issues. One interesting use of randomized lists is for selling tickets via a lottery- especially if an unexpectedly high demand for tickets is anticipated.

Lottery based ticket on-sales can be used in a situation where:

  • many more people want tickets than are available
  • you expect the tickets to go like hotcakes and, most likely, vastly overwhelm your hardware’s capabilities
  • you want the patrons to sign up in advance to say that they are interested in having a chance to buy the tickets
  • and then you randomly decide:
    • which of those people will actually get a shot to buy the tickets -and-
    • the unlucky ones do not get a chance during the onsale because they lost the lottery - but might be able to buy later when the tickets are placed onsale, unannounced.

For more information on how to sell tickets by lottery, please check out our help page which details how to do this with Theatre Manager.