TTT October 5, 2023

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1. Donation Campaigns for Multi-Year Drives

Donation Campaigns hold and process donations for specific funds. A campaign represents a fund or drive, like annual membership, corporate sponsorship, roof repair drive, scholarship support, etc. Theatre Manager tracks each gift made to a campaign along with the donation date and fiscal year. This tracking lets you see and pull reports on fund donations by year or across the life of a campaign. Having one single campaign process donations across multiple years provides several benefits over building a separate campaign for each year, namely easily accessible year-over-year giving data trends. If your database has a multi-year fund split across multiple campaigns, you may want to consider merging the disparate campaigns into one to streamline LYBUNT and per donor giving trend analyses.

2. Multiple Work Flow Notifications for Donations

A Workflow Notification for a donation can be applied on various factors such as Donation Sales, Patron Information, Donation Campaigns, or Donation Giving Levels. If all of these factors are enabled, a Corporate Sponsorship of $3,500 given by Dr. Alma will result in multiple notifications to all recipients for this single donation. Then if the donation record is later changed or deleted, another round of multiple notifications is sent.

If receiving multiple notifications for a single donation is not desired, review and adjust the settings on the Edits and Usage Tabs that determine the criteria triggering the Workflow Notification.

3. Copy Price Zones Between Performances

Need to change or add prices for a large number of performances? Start the Copy Prices Wizard by selecting the multiple performances to copy prices “TO”, then select the one performance to copy the pricing setup “FROM”. This tool is ideal anytime to quickly and accurately duplicate pricing strategies to other performances using the same Price Map, but especially helpful when building season events.