TTT September 15, 2022

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1. Theatre Manager Resources

A list of clickable Theatre Manager resources is accessible right from your database.

Check them out:

2. Event Revenues by Why Did Patron Buy

Marketing departments work hard to optimize their advertising dollars. Finding out why patrons purchased their tickets is oftentimes the best feedback an organization can use to leverage each dollar spent. To help gain insight into patron purchasing decisions, try the Tickets Sold/Revenue by Why Did Patron Buy? report. This report generates a summary of the tickets and revenue earned by the Why Did Patron Buy? field drop-down menu. It shows both the daily sales and total sales.

3. Touring Production Sales

Bringing productions off-site to schools, community centers, or other venues takes a coordinated effort of staff and details. Theatre Manager’s Traveling Troupe Performance Sales Method was designed to meet the unique sales needs of touring productions: on-the-ground contact people, expected audience size, travel, and load-in schedule, directions, etc.

Recording these logistical details inside your database allows your team to make updates in a single place and quickly build touring performance overview and touring performance detail reports.