TTT September 16, 2021

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1. Tax Signature Size

The dimensions of the signature field on a donation tax receipt is 3.75" wide and 0.75" high. Best results for the signature size are achieved by maintaining this aspect ratio with your digitized signature.

A signature file is inserted on the Donations Tab of Company Preferences unless your organization prefers to hand-sign each tax receipt. Inserted signature files smaller or larger than 3.75" wide and 0.75" high will scale down or up to fill the designated space on a tax receipt.

2. Available on YouTube Channel - Previous Artsman Coffee Time Sessions

Artsman Coffee Time (ACT) is a webinar initiative assisting clients with learning more about how to use various areas of Theatre Manager. We now have a Playlist on our YouTube Channel of all past Artsman Coffee Time’s so you can catch up on any sessions. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and be the first to know when new videos are available.

3. New Feature - Unit4 Business World Export File Format

Theatre Manager supports line for line exporting from each Deposit and Sales posting for import into Unit4, formerly Agresso Financials.

This means that you can directly import your End of Day Deposit and Sales Postings into Unit4 Business World, saving your team time by eliminating the need for line by line manual data entry.