TTT - September 20, 2018



1. Credit Card Companies poised to mandate CVV2 for all authorizations

Important Note: We recently received information that credit card companies will soon mandate use of the CVV2 number (on the back of a credit card) to obtain an authorization.

This will affect all of you, especially those using Post Dated Payments. Please refer to the help page on this topic.

2. Invoices can now have taxes included in each line

The Fee & Taxes parameters for the Invoices contains a new option allowing you to specify that each line item should include tax in the price displayed (rather than exclude tax).

This example shows the report with this option selected:

This example is without the option selected:

3. Number of Tickets Scanned

We have added the number of tickets scanned for a particular performance to the quick revenue report and to the event setup Revenue Tab.

Quick Revenue Report:

Revenue Tab for performance: