Tuesday, August 25, 2020, 10 - 11 AM - Spotlight: How One Venue Is Making A Return From Intermission

Join us to hear guest speaker Phillip Sutton, from the Mary Winspear Centre.

This Community Conversation will focus on Mary Winspear Centre’s reopening after the intermission and how they have already successfully hosted in-person events in their facilities. Philip will share the measures they took to provide a safe, sanitized and comfortable concert setting, following current regulations provided by the provincial government and Worksafe BC.

The Community Conversations will be hosted by Artsman using the Zoom Webinar format. Using the webinar format, our guest speaker along with 3 Artsman moderators will be visible via video.

Attendees to the webinar will be able to view the full session using video and audio. Questions to our guest speaker can be asked in written form during the session using Zoom’s Q&A feature. An Artsman moderator will read questions aloud for all to hear.

To register please CLICK HERE

After registering, come back to Community.artsman.com and leave a post letting us know you will be joining us.

See you on August 25!


Registered—thank you!

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Looking forward to having you join us for another Community Conversation Lee.

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Looking forward to joining the conversation. Thanks.

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So happy you’ll be joining us again Jane.

Looking forward to it.

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Matt, so wonderful you’ll be able to join us!

Thanks Bonnie. We’re restarting our in-house audience shows in early October so it will be great to hear about Phillip’s experience.

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Registered! See you all on Tuesday morning.


Hi Stephanie,
Glad you will be joining us on Tuesday.

Just registered - see you all on Tuesday.


Hi Greg,

Happy you will be joining us tomorrow.

Just registered. See you in the morning.


Looking forward to see you tomorrow, Sandra

Registered and looking forward to it! Thank you!


Hey Stanphonie,
Glad you will be joining us today

Trying to find my way in??


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Hi Les,
You should receive an email from Zoom with a link to join the conversation.

Not that I’ve seen I’ll catch it later if there is a link