Tuesday, March 16, 2021 10-11 AM MST - Transitioning Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Tuesday, March 16, 2021
10:00 am – 11:00 AM Mountain Standard Time

As we all begin to look at reopening, Artsman is right alongside your organization. Join us as we dive into dealing with maps, including how to switch back to in-person reservations, changing capacity to existing venues, and working with social distance ‘holds’ as covid restrictions start to relax.

The Community Conversations will be hosted by Artsman using the Zoom Webinar format. Using the webinar format, our Artsman moderators will be visible via video.

Attendees to the webinar will be able to view the full session using video and audio. Questions can be asked in written format during the session using Zoom’s Q&A feature or in advance on the Community site. An Artsman moderator will read questions aloud for all to hear.

To register please CLICK HERE

We are excited to hear how your organization is preparing to reopen. After registering, come back to the Community site and leave a comment.

See you on March 16!


I wasn’t able to attend this session.
Was it recorded?
Key City Tyeatre

Good morning Sioban,

All though we record our Community Conversations, the videos are used for internal purposes only.

We will be posting a follow up on community.artman.com with helpful links from the session. Please watch for this posted later this week.