Venue Map editing

I’m trying to export the original PPT file for my venue map… when doing so, the map that saves is actually quite an old map and not the one I need at all. When exporting is other ways, the correct map shows up but I need the PPT file to edit, not a jpeg or svg
anyone else have this happen?
looking for suggestions of things to try before calling TM for help


You might have a very old PPT file saved, and not the one that was used for the most recent SVG and WMF files.

I’m guessing that you don’t have the original PPT file stored anywhere else?

not that I can find, which I why I tried exporting it :frowning:
wouldn’t there be the original ppt if the map we use for sales is accurate? how would the map be right if the ppt file is wrong?

The PPT file is a separate file that you have to upload. TM actually just uses the SVG and WMF files for the maps. If the PPT file was not updated when the other files were, then you likely just have the old version in TM.

(I’m really bad about updating the PPT files when I update maps…)

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We’ve been there. Kept all our PPT separately for many years as backup actually - named them with the TM map number to make them easier to find. Takes a little bit of a map editing checklist to make sure you update the PPT and not just the image files for SVG, PCT and WMF. Sorry to not have better news for you Kayla.