Wait List for Courses

Hi all, we have just started using online sales for our courses and the response is great! Has anyone done anything or have a need to create a wait list for courses? We require full payment at time of enrollment but not sure how to handle true commitment for a wait list without a payment. When the course reaches the limit it shows as Sold Out but would be great to have an option for Join Waitlist. Thoughts? Thanks.

Hi @APGroups! Interesting idea. It’s not something Proctors does, so I’m just spitballing here, but Performance Notes may be really helpful. One option is to make a specific waitlist maillist and link to it in the course’s performance notes after it’s sold out (AKA “This course is fully registered at this time - Click to be added to the wait list”).

If you’re looking to take some kind of payment on the waitlist, then maybe you can build a second performance to hold wait list folks. You can link to it from the real course’s Performance Notes via a direct link with a presale access code. Or, more simply, make sure the wait list performance has a clear “wait list” Performance Note of its own and just turn it on-sale online after the real performance is sold out.

Curious to hear others’ ideas!

@smorris has some great ideas!

We make a waitlist for sold out shows. I had started by creating a second “waitlist” performance, and booking free tickets into that as they came up. We ended up changing to just having a word document where we take the person’s name, phone number, and the number of tickets they are looking for. Obviously, that is something people have to call or come into the Box Office for, rather than indicating their interest online, but it works for us!