Data tracking: Order Payment Method Source Origin and Reason to Buy

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My question: When exporting Payment Data (via reports), what do the “J/E Type” (OE, OM, TE, TR) abbreviations mean? What part of theatre manager triggers a certain J/E type code? What triggers the “Payment Origin/Source” and where to change this? I’ve noticed some payment methods show as “Patron Present” and some as “Telephone Order”, but how does TM know which is which?

Context: I am trying to get accurate information on when people are visiting in person and Box Office is manually entering their payment information VS when they mail us a cheque and we manually enter information. I am aware we can manually do this by clicking in the payment window, but is there a better way to find this?

This Thread: I thought I’d share tips on how I use Theatre Manger to track data, how people are donating or buying and interacting with our Box Office. Tips welcome!

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Crystal, I believe the Payment Origin field is edited at the order payment screen ALA today’s Three Thought Thursday, though TM has some defaults for certain Payment Methods. I assume each payment “holds” whatever CSA-selected Payment Origin was in place on the order at the time the payment was taken, though I haven’t tested this. (I also believe that taking post-dated installment payments will override the source field to say post-dated.)

As for Payment Source (your OE, OM, TE and TR), this appears to be auto-generated by TM based on the activity that generated the “imbalance” to be paid, a newly created order, a modified order, a ticket exchange, or a ticket refund, respectively. I honestly haven’t spent much time with these codes and how they are triggered. There’s that popup box when creating a donation after creating a credit from a ticket exchange/refund that asks the CSA what kind of donation it is, which makes me wonder if the the TE and TR options are from donations created with money originally allocated to tickets… I’m just shooting off the side of my mouth there though and haven’t walked through any of that, so definitely don’t quote me on that.

In any case, the Payment Origin field on an order payment screen is the right place for you to get your team to track where money comes in from.

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